The Story:

Set in a modern universe in which heroes do exist, Heroification tells a story about what does it take for one to become a hero. Among these heroes are aliens, a race that could provide a selective host to gain powers and become a hero. But how does one become a hero? Does it truly require to be brave and reckless? Intelligent and full of wisdom? Or would they just use their own power for evil? Amongst of them is a weak, cowardly boy name Mikey and a wreck-less, loud alien name Lucy. Could they help each other out or would they fail due to their differences?

The Author/Artist:

Hi there! The names Vanessa, but you may call me by Vanni like my username Vanni2u. I like creating stories every now and then, and now I finally was able to get it down to a media. I’m more of an artist with about a 10 years of self-taught and some art classes right behind my back. My works can be found in Deviantart and Tumblr. I’m also a gamer who just started doing Twitch streams and done some Let’s Plays, but those are just for fun and sillyness.